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Alderwell LTD

“The Vertical Invader – Someone who comes in from the outside and can cut through it”

Welcome to Alderwell Ltd

Alderwell is a PEOPLE, VERY FOCUSED consulting firm with a twist. We look for 3 things…FOCUS, ATTITUDE, & COMMITMENT. We look to find this in those we help as well as those we work with. Your people are your greatest resource, if you can get them to embrace what you see as an opportunity the sky’s the limit.

There are some very basic building blocks needed to build a successful opportunity. We bring big ideas and challenge the norm. We work with our clients, its about engagement of staff. We deliver value in a way that others cannot, it’s from nearly 40 years of practical experience picking out what we have learned from our own mistakes, advising the best short cuts we have found to achieve success. We have fun doing it.

Alderwell Business Consultants

I have known Glenn and Heather for over 10 years, and, in that time, I have watched them transform an underperforming business into a top performing one. An entrepreneurial and inspirational leader, Glenn applies “Plc” business philosophy and standards to a mid-size Company, with a simplicity and focus that produces results, and engenders the respect and loyalty of his staff. An exemplar MD

Jim Jones

Relationship Director, North West Real Estate, Lloyds SME Banking

Alderwell Business Consultants

Operational Process Review

Review and challenge of current business processes. Particular focus on the people element of this work scope. Working with staff to understand where value is added and process is needed. Use the principal “one in two out”

Alderwell Consultants

Supplier Engagement and Review

As many businesses look at how partnership actually needs to work, assessing the basic, implementing common sense improvements.

Export Champion for UKTI

With over 35 years of export experience, a wide range of experience has been gained with all the drama that can go with an unfocused set of methods. The avoidance of simple mistakes ensure you get the best growth opportunities, with minimal risk and maximum focus.

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Glenn is one of the most talent business managers I have ever met. He has huge sensitivity and brings great entrepreneur skills to projects and business challenges. I appreciate very much his intellect and very good people-skills. I unhesitatingly recommend Glen based on my personal experiences working with him.

Nigel Ward

Consultant, Safety at Schneider Electric